Why Startup is a New and Different Kind of Fun

The Startup Show: Episode 6.3


Before I started my journey at Automated Insights, I had spent a couple years consulting. This is what entrepreneurs do when they finish one thing and haven't figured out what to do next. But I didn't just do consulting, I went all-in on a consulting startup.

I hired people, I built the portfolio up to over 20 clients, I was doing over $1 million in revenue each year. This was the first time I had built something completely based on service and completely based on revenue, and that would inform how I thought about startups from that point on.

The lesson learned was pretty simple. Get to money, and get there quick.

The consulting firm was a different kind of fun, but it wasn't the kind of startup I had been used to. I spent a lot of time infusing fun and culture into that consulting firm, and I learned that you need a balance for it to work long term.

That's what we talk about in this episode, with some funny and thoughtful anecdotes. We also touch based on the 2nd thing again, and what that has to be and what it should be.

Watch the episode and let us know where your fun comes from.