The Startup Show: Doing Startup With Zero Ideas

It's not as crazy as it sounds


The latest episode of The Startup Show is the first in which we take an actual member question from our Talk board (in the member area of the Teaching Startup website, join now and use it please).

Dawn was let go from her job due to cutbacks. This is a great excuse for her to start her own company, which she has always dreamed of doing. One small problem, she doesn't have a single idea for a product, service, or anything else to sell.

This is actually not a problem. She served us up a great, universal entrepreneur's dillema.

Under the episode title: How To Start a Business Without a Good Idea, Jon, Andy and I come up with three solid answers for Dawn and discuss them in a way that any entrepreneur can learn from. You'll have to watch the video to find out what they are. We've kinda sold out like that.

This is the final episode in the 5-block of The Startup Show, our 20th episode overall, and I hope you'll notice the time we put into restructuring the show, in everything from the format to what we say and how we say it, to the graphics. We'll continue to experiment as we move forward, but we think we've found our stride.

We're also weekly now. Every Tuesday at 8:00 am ET. You can join our Facebook page for non-intrusive episode heads-ups each week. And follow our Twitter to launch questions at us.

After we shot this episode, I had coffee with a friend of mine, Tom, who advises a number of local early startups, and he's actually pretty good at it. He laughed when I told him the topic of the episode and the title, but he agreed that our answers were not only spot on, but something every entrepreneur at every level should hear, if just to refresh.

You may agree, you may not. In either case, we'd love to know about it. So please watch, rate, comment, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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