That Old Adage About a Startup With a Solution Looking for a Problem

That can be a plus


In Episode 6.7 of The Startup Show, we talk to NeuroPlus founder Jake Stauch about how his amazing brainwave tech struggled to take off until he found the right problem for his solution.

While a student a Duke University, Jake founded NeuroPlus, a company that tested audience reaction to advertising by scanning brain waves. His customers were routinely fascinated by his tech, but Jake couldn't get a lot of repeat business. A lot of customers didn't understand the data, and even when they did, they had a hard time grasping the value.

It wasn't until one such customer asked if they could take Jake's equipment home to test it on their ADHD-diagnosed child. Once Jake understood the magnitude of that problem , he jumped in with a new passion.

Suddenly, NeuroPlus had a much better problem to solve.