Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 2.3

How To Get Noticed


I'm going to admit something to you. When we were shooting this series of episodes with Justin, I was uncomfortable the entire time. It doesn't show and I had no reason to feel it, and the more these episodes roll to final product, the stupider I feel for being so sketchy during the shoot.

I mean, there were legit reasons. We'd never had a guest before. And Justin is great and I've known him forever and he's perfect on camera, but I was worried it would become an interview show instead of a conversation, which it did. But it kept its honesty, even in that interview style format, so I'm happy with that.

There are a lot of good lessons in these episodes.

Also, Andy and Chop weren't there, which lowered my comfort level. it was also the first time at Aloft, and new is hard.

But we learned a lot from these episodes, and you'll see that come into play with the Thad Lewis episodes later this month. We're much more comfortable now, with each other and with the Aloft surroundings. Also, Andy is playing ringmaster, and he's excellent at it.

So the show is getting better and better. Thanks for your patience.