Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 2.2

What Does Success Look Like?


This is the second episode in the series we're doing with WedPics co-founder Justin Miller. Doing the show with Justin, whom I've known for about 10 years through a total of six startups between the two of us, was a bunch of awesome. But it went by fast. Real fast. And we didn't get to talk about a lot of the topics I wanted to hit.

One thing we did get to was the concept of what an entrepreneur is supposed to look like. We didn't get as deep as I'd like, again, it went real quick, but we did talk about the most universal concept -- That what an entrepreneur looks like doesn't, and in most cases, shouldn't, matter.

But startup isn't immune to all societal ills, and in that, there are times when it matters what you look like, what you sound like, how you think, and who you know. This is the part we didn't get to. In some sense, it's good that we didn't, because I want to keep these shows somewhat light and fun. And this episode is a ton of fun.

I will tack on advice in that vein, however. If you're faced with a decision in startup where it feels like you're operating within those parts of society that credit who you are more than what you're doing, then run away. In the end, the wrong choice will come back to bite you.