South By Southwest: Talking About The Future of Media and Journalism

If You're In Journalism Or Broadcast Media, Let's Chat


On Tuesday, March 14th, one week from the date of I'm posting this, I'll be speaking at South by Southwest, where I'll join folks from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and a European News Agency called NTB, to discuss The Automated Future of Journalism.

If you're in media, specifically news, television, and/or radio. I want to talk to you about two things:

1. The future of the newsroom and how automated content will change and improve it.

2. The impact of a growing boom in startup on the future of traditional broadcast media.

Hit me up here if you're in Austin and available on March 14th. My schedule is super-tight and filling up quickly, so I'll need to be selective. If we can't talk in Austin, we can make plans to hop on the phone afterwards.

I think about the future a lot.

With robots.

It's my job.

I mean, I think about the daily life future things, too. Are my financial plans on the right track? Are the Yankees going to compete this season? Do I have clean pants to wear to work tomorrow?

But I also get paid to figure out how we're going to communicate with one another five-to-ten years down the road. And I don't mean emojis and six-second videos and disappearing selfies. I'm trying to figure out how you're going to get the information you need to answer your daily life future questions -- everything from the news you care about to the sports you follow to the financial info you can take action on.

Last year, I spoke on the Automated Future of Sports Analysis -- how machines are allowing us to cover all levels of sport, from professional league to recreational league, enabling new metrics to analyze the game and player performance, all of it in real time. That went over pretty well.

If we can do it in sports, we can do it with news. And we do.

In conjunction with this speaking event, my company, Automated Insights, is launching a new blog series, under my watch, with the sole purpose of defining and discussing the future of automation, machine learning, technology, and all of the innovation we've come across, adopted, and developed over the last six-plus years of teaching robots how to write.

I wrote the first entry, a preview of my SXSW talk with the same name, The Automated Future of Journalism. The next entry will be a robust overview of Natural Language Processing (NLP - sort of the opposite of what we do at Ai) protocols, and then we'll get into everything from user interface, to technical architecture, to narrative structure, all with an eye for the future.

So again, if you're interested in the future of communication or the future of broadcast media, let's talk.