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Written by a 20-year-plus serial entrepreneur after back-to-back major exits, It's All Nonsense is designed to help anyone, from any walk of life, find growth, achievement, success, and happiness by doing their own thing.

It's All Nonsense is 20 mentoring sessions — not lessons, rules, or steps. It’s 20 insightful and entertaining stories, never boring, heavy-handed, or condescending, all taken from real-world entrepreneurial life, written by someone who is still living it.

You can’t teach entrepreneurism with classes. You can’t find independence with a roadmap. But you can learn from experience. It's All Nonsense is jam-packed with just that.

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“As a startup founder, I really appreciate Joe's no bulls*** approach to sharing his sincere thoughts around everyday startup and life topics.” — Justin Beard, Startup Founder

“Each piece is written as if he's sitting right across from you - as if you went to have a coffee or a beer with a friend. That friend who tells you the unadulterated truth and doesn't sugar coat.” — Nancy Edwards Cronin, Innovation/IP Strategy Consultant

“It's hard not to like Joe's style. He shoots straight and tells the truth even when it's not fashionable. He's cool precisely because he doesn't have to be.” — Steve Peha, Startup Founder, Educator

“As always, Joe presents very interesting viewpoints on a range of subjects in a very entertaining way.” — Mark Easley, Investor, Startup Community Leader