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I'm gonna cure your Bitcoin FOMO

Let's talk about the very small chance that you would have, could have, or should have been a Bitcoin millionaire. (2.20.18 )

Four ways to invest in blockchain ranked from riskiest to safest

Bitcoin was an amazing investment, provided you got in early and got out at the peak. Most people believe that blockchain, cryptocurrency's underlying technology, still holds that kind of promise. (2.9.18 )

What I learned giving away 1,569 copies of my startup book

Last week, I had an eff-it moment, and decided to celebrate the release of my book, Everything You Should Know About Startup, by giving away free copies on Smashwords while the book sold for $4.99 on Amazon. (2.3.18 )

A crash course in blockchain and crypto

I built a digital currency, for no good reason. The result of that experiment is this list of resources you can use to quickly gain an understanding of blockchain and crypto. (1.31.18 )

Would I do ExitEvent all over again today?

ExitEvent was a startup network and news source that blew up into a successful startup that I sold. Would I do it all over, knowing what I know now? (1.27.18 )

Ask me all your stupid questions

In my last post, I gave away copies of my book, Everything You Should Know About Startup, covering all the basic stupid questions about startup. Now, I want to make the experience a little more interactive. (1.25.18 )

I'm answering all the stupid questions about startup so that you don't have to ask them

I'm giving away free copies of my book *Everything You Should Know About Startup* and I don't want anything in return. Just read it and go do something awesome. (1.22.18 )

This Isn't a Comeback Thing

After seven-plus years of roller-coaster ride with my startup, I've made a change. And I'm pumped. But it took some doing to get there. Here's how I changed gears. (1.21.18 )

Introducing a New Re-Branded, Re-Imagined Startup Show

I don't want The Startup Show or Teaching Startup itself to be a local thing. (7.26.17 )

Here's Everything You Should Know About Startup

Over the course of 20 years and 10 startups, I've built up enough stories and scenarios to be able to talk definitively about startup. (4.19.17 )

Automating Digital Video

Automation can use the unstructured data produced by video to quickly and efficiently tell us what's in that video. (4.13.17 )

10 Minutes on NPR to Understand Automated News

So I gave a radio interview to NPR last week on the future of news and automated journalism. (3.30.17 )

48 Hours at SXSW

Last week, I spoke on The Future of Automated Journalism at SXSW. (3.23.17 )

South By Southwest: Talking About The Future of Media and Journalism

On Tuesday, March 14th I'll be speaking at South by Southwest on The Automated Future of Journalism. (3.7.17 )

Teaching Startup: The Show Featuring WedPics Founder Justin Miller

So this is the first set of episodes we attempted with a special guest star, and for this first run-through, I went with a friend. (2.20.17 )

Showing 1 to 15 of 123 articles