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Trust Your Employees

If you don't trust the people who work for you, you're going to fail. This is a pretty simple equation, but one that's commonly misunderstood. (9.12.16 )

Why It's Time for Distributed Workforces in the Triangle

The era when you needed to have an entire staff congregate in a major metropolitan center for seven-point-seven-five hours a day is over. (9.2.16 )

How Numbers Can Wreck Your Startup

An entrepreneur has to be right when everyone else is telling them that they're wrong, and those naysayers have the data to back them up. (8.9.16 )

Why Startups Need to Choose Their Target Market Carefully

Selling into bad markets is a hard-to-overcome mistake. especially for startups. (7.25.16 )

Triangle Startup: Five Years Into a 20-Year Plan

In 2016, it's safe to say that the Triangle is on Year Five of a startup renaissance. (7.11.16 )

How To Support An Entrepreneur

Friends, family, the entire cluster of people surrounding the entrepreneur, that support structure is a crucial element in their ability to achieve. (6.14.16 )

When Great Big Ideas Become Great Big Lies

It's a very fine line between believing your tech will work someday and believing it works today, as far as that belief can inspire the moving of huge sums of money. (5.18.16 )

You Must Be a Capitalist, You Can't Be a Douchebag

Startup is the art of pure capitalism, maximizing the heat and the efficiency of the fuel that feeds the fire of progress. (5.9.16 )

Don't Be Above the Job

Balancing a job and entrepreneurship is one of the hardest assignments you can take on in life. (4.26.16 )

Why I Suck At Investing

I've been investing in my own endeavors since college, and in other companies for the last 10 or 12 years. There's just a lot more inbound now. (4.14.16 )

The Triangle In 10 Years: A SXSW Recap

Like Austin, Raleigh and Durham are decent and relatively affordable places to live. They have an inviting climate, if a little warmer than usual. There's a lot going on all year round. (3.24.16 )

So You Want To Sell Your Startup

Pricing and value, whether it be for a product, a service, or an entire company, is one of the most difficult determinations an entrepreneur has to make. (3.8.16 )

Why People Are Talking About Wilmington Startup

The entrepreneurs in Wilmington are starting to come together and cement the foundation of their own startup community. (2.3.16 )

Why You Need Competition and What To Do About It

One of the first things I do when considering executing on an idea is conduct searches to seek out who the competition is. I don't stop until I find at least 10 companies that look like they have revenue and history. (1.18.16 )

Should You Start Up With a Cofounder?

One of the first big decisions every founding entrepreneur has to make is whether to dive into the deep end alone or as part of a founding team. There are plusses and minuses on both sides. (1.7.16 )

Showing 1 to 15 of 219 articles