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That Old Adage About a Startup With a Solution Looking for a Problem

In Episode 6.7 of The Startup Show, we talk to NeuroPlus founder Jake Stauch about his amazing brainwave tech. (10.3.17 )

When a Startup Takes On Big Corporations

In Episode 6.6 of The Startup Show, we discussed the challenges of starting up a retail product. (9.19.17 )

The Fine Line Between Love and Hate in Startup

Last week, we discussed whether or not Teaching Startup should have a future. (9.14.17 )

Ideas and money falling out of pockets on Sand Hill Road

There's a lot of debate in this episode and it's all warranted and it's all around where you start your company and how much that matters. (9.7.17 )

Why Startup is a New and Different Kind of Fun

Before I started my journey at Automated Insights, I had spent a couple years consulting. But I didn't just do consulting, I went all-in on a consulting startup. (8.31.17 )

Why I Wanted MATI Energy and Neuro Plus on The Startup Show

There are some obvious reasons why I wanted to get Tatiana Birgisson, founder of Mati Energy, and Jake Stauch, founder of Neuro Plus, on The Startup Show. And also some not-so-obvious reasons. (8.24.17 )

Why That Startup Side Project Is So Important

I realize how cool it is that I'm in a position where I can be so open about my side project(s) at any given time. (8.18.17 )

The Startup Show: Doing Startup With Zero Ideas

The latest episode of The Startup Show is the first in which we take an actual member question from our Talk board. (8.10.17 )

An uncomfortable but necessary discussion: The Startup Show talks sexual harassment

In Episode 5.2 of The Startup Show, we talk about sexual harassment in startup culture. (8.2.17 )

Teaching Startup: One Bad Early Hire Can Kill a Startup

Cultural battles are killers, and you can't fight those battles with sticks and carrots, you have to fight them with cannons. (6.19.17 )

Teaching Startup: The Summer of Startup 2017

Every summer I write a piece encouraging anyone and everyone to get started on a summer startup project. (6.5.17 )

Teaching Startup: The Poker Episode

In startup, everyone talks about failure and a lot of folks even encourage it -- Fail fast and fail often, they say. (5.22.17 )

Teaching Startup: All Startups Are Scams

There's a fine line between being a dreamer and being an entrepreneur. Don't get me wrong, I mean this in the best light possible. (5.15.17 )

Teaching Startup: When Do You Call Yourself An Entrepreneur

Why do people hesitate calling themselves entrepreneurs? (5.8.17 )

Chasing Money, Trading On Your Name

So this is the last episode with NFL Quarterback, entrepreneur, and all-around great dude Thad Lewis. (4.10.17 )

Showing 1 to 15 of 54 articles