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How To Deal With the Dead Stop

I had absolutely, positively, beyond the shadow of a doubt, nothing to do. And I freaked out a little bit. (4.7.15 )

Your 2015 Technology Trading Guide

If you know me, you know I tend to dabble in the stock market. And if you know the stock market, you know that illustrious financial analysts make (Bold! Shocking! Market Moving!) predictions about the future of technology. (2.15.15 )

2015: The Startup Party is Over

Yeah. I said it. The guy who accidentally made a name for himself to a lot of people by getting entrepreneurs and investors out for a beer more often is calling the end of the party. (12.24.14 )

What You Might Not Have Seen In the American Underground Report

That's my job, to find the story told by the bits between the data points. (12.15.14 )

Why I Took My Daughters to Triangle Startup Weekend: Women

This past Sunday I spent the afternoon at Triangle Startup Weekend: Women. I went to hear the presentations, because that's kind of my thing, and I went to catch up with and congratulate the organizers. (10.14.14 )

How to Sell Your Company to Potential Employees

We want Automated Insights to be the place you want to work. We want you to love your job. Because when you love your job, you'll do great things. Come and do great things with us. (10.2.14 )

Burn-rate Bubble talk raises caution flag in Triangle

There was a lot of good news coming out of the CED Tech Venture conference on Tuesday. (9.17.14 )

Tilt Expo shows promise of Triangle's gaming culture

So the elephant in the room is that the Tilt Expo, a mash-up of video gaming, table gaming, electronic music, and a celebration of the culture that surrounds it, is in a rebuilding stage. (9.9.14 )

The first 10 years of American Tobacco: It's a long-term plan

There's a very good, very simple reason why I merged ExitEvent into American Underground. (9.5.14 )

Inside Iron Yard Durham's Code School: Who's hiring?

So the question I wanted answered about The Iron Yard Academy coding school was this: Would any local company actually hire one of the graduates? (8.25.14 )

Five Startup Concepts We Need To Teach Right Now (Part 2)

I was always fascinated by how an entrepreneur became an entrepreneur. It wasn't too long before I started seeing common traits and skills. (7.10.14 )

Five Startup Concepts We Need To Teach Right Now (Part 1)

After spending the last three-plus years working on startup support and acceleration, something has become clear to me. Startup education is still lagging breadth and depth. (7.8.14 )

Embracing Technology in Journalism

I was prepared for just about anything when I walked up onto the stage at Pulitzer Hall at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University last Friday. (6.6.14 )

As Robot Writing Matures, Robot Reporting Is the Next Big Thing In Digital Journalism

Ever since the L.A. Times Quakebot broke the news of a major earthquake back in March, the profile of digital journalism and automated content has risen dramatically. (5.27.14 )

HBO's Silicon Valley: Yes, You're Watching and Yes, It's Good

Mike Judge is my generation's Woody Allen, or maybe even Bill Shakespeare. And before you roll your eyes, just remember that I'm Gen-X, so my expectations for heroes and leaders have already been beaten down to next to nothing. (5.15.14 )

Showing 1 to 15 of 59 articles