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Defining the Context Layer in NLG Part 2: What Does It Mean?

Good NLG leaves the reader with actionable information—and the creator should write to that. (10.25.17 )

Defining the Context Layer in NLG. Part 1: What Just Happened

In this post, we'll look at the first and most important structural elements, and talk about building a context layer around it. (10.4.17 )

Good vs. Bad Automated Content? It's In the Context Layer

The difference between good automated content and bad automated content can be boiled down to the number of scenarios the programmer creates to turn ordinary data into beautiful prose. (8.28.17 )

NLG: The Secret Weapon in the War Between Financial Managers and Robo-Advisors

What the professional financial managers tend to miss is that the human touch, so often lauded as their unique differentiator, isn't as human as it used to be. (7.5.17 )

The NFL Provides a Quantum Leap for Automated Journalism

Yet another huge advancement for automated journalism was announced yesterday. Not surprisingly, it came from a vertical that's been at the forefront of automation technology for years: Professional sports. (8.7.14 )

Study Finds Human Writing Indistinguishable from Automated Insights Content

A study published in the 2014 issue of Journalism Practice proved that not only was Automated Insights machine-generated content indistinguishable from journalist-created content, but that our automated content was viewed as more credible. (3.6.14 )

Power to the People: Redefining Personalized Content

(12.20.12 )

Evolving Personalized Automated Content with Yahoo Fantasy Football Matchup Recaps

(10.30.12 )

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 articles