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Teaching Startup: The Poker Episode

In startup, everyone talks about failure and a lot of folks even encourage it -- Fail fast and fail often, they say. (5.22.17 )

Teaching Startup: All Startups Are Scams

There's a fine line between being a dreamer and being an entrepreneur. Don't get me wrong, I mean this in the best light possible. (5.15.17 )

Teaching Startup: When Do You Call Yourself An Entrepreneur

Why do people hesitate calling themselves entrepreneurs? (5.8.17 )

Here's Everything You Should Know About Startup

Over the course of 20 years and 10 startups, I've built up enough stories and scenarios to be able to talk definitively about startup. (4.19.17 )

Automating Digital Video

Automation can use the unstructured data produced by video to quickly and efficiently tell us what's in that video. (4.13.17 )

Chasing Money, Trading On Your Name

So this is the last episode with NFL Quarterback, entrepreneur, and all-around great dude Thad Lewis. (4.10.17 )

Athletes and Entrepreneurs, Confidence is Everything

The Teaching Startup crew definitely got rolling with this episode and it produced some of our most entertaining and interesting content. (4.3.17 )

10 Minutes on NPR to Understand Automated News

So I gave a radio interview to NPR last week on the future of news and automated journalism. (3.30.17 )

Learn or Hire - Episode 3.2 of THE SHOW with Thad Lewis

In this 2nd episode of THE SHOW with 49ers QB Thad Lewis, we talk about learn vs. hire. (3.28.17 )

48 Hours at SXSW

Last week, I spoke on The Future of Automated Journalism at SXSW. (3.23.17 )

NFL QB Thad Lewis Joins Teaching Startup

We're talking about startup without talking about startup, and as a result, we're talking about the startup in everything. (3.21.17 )

Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 2.4

Everything from the brand of the entrepreneur to selling product to raising money to what to do when it all goes sideways. (3.12.17 )

South By Southwest: Talking About The Future of Media and Journalism

On Tuesday, March 14th I'll be speaking at South by Southwest on The Automated Future of Journalism. (3.7.17 )

Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 2.3

When we were shooting this series of episodes with Justin, I was uncomfortable the entire time. (3.6.17 )

Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 2.2

This is the second episode in the series we're doing with WedPics co-founder Justin Miller. What does success look like? (2.27.17 )

Showing 31 to 45 of 121 articles