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Defining the Context Layer in NLG. Part 1: What Just Happened

In this post, we'll look at the first and most important structural elements, and talk about building a context layer around it. (10.4.17 )

That Old Adage About a Startup With a Solution Looking for a Problem

In Episode 6.7 of The Startup Show, we talk to NeuroPlus founder Jake Stauch about his amazing brainwave tech. (10.3.17 )

When a Startup Takes On Big Corporations

In Episode 6.6 of The Startup Show, we discussed the challenges of starting up a retail product. (9.19.17 )

The Fine Line Between Love and Hate in Startup

Last week, we discussed whether or not Teaching Startup should have a future. (9.14.17 )

Ideas and money falling out of pockets on Sand Hill Road

There's a lot of debate in this episode and it's all warranted and it's all around where you start your company and how much that matters. (9.7.17 )

Why Startup is a New and Different Kind of Fun

Before I started my journey at Automated Insights, I had spent a couple years consulting. But I didn't just do consulting, I went all-in on a consulting startup. (8.31.17 )

Good vs. Bad Automated Content? It's In the Context Layer

The difference between good automated content and bad automated content can be boiled down to the number of scenarios the programmer creates to turn ordinary data into beautiful prose. (8.28.17 )

Why I Wanted MATI Energy and Neuro Plus on The Startup Show

There are some obvious reasons why I wanted to get Tatiana Birgisson, founder of Mati Energy, and Jake Stauch, founder of Neuro Plus, on The Startup Show. And also some not-so-obvious reasons. (8.24.17 )

Why That Startup Side Project Is So Important

I realize how cool it is that I'm in a position where I can be so open about my side project(s) at any given time. (8.18.17 )

The Startup Show: Doing Startup With Zero Ideas

The latest episode of The Startup Show is the first in which we take an actual member question from our Talk board. (8.10.17 )

An uncomfortable but necessary discussion: The Startup Show talks sexual harassment

In Episode 5.2 of The Startup Show, we talk about sexual harassment in startup culture. (8.2.17 )

Introducing a New Re-Branded, Re-Imagined Startup Show

I don't want The Startup Show or Teaching Startup itself to be a local thing. (7.26.17 )

NLG: The Secret Weapon in the War Between Financial Managers and Robo-Advisors

What the professional financial managers tend to miss is that the human touch, so often lauded as their unique differentiator, isn't as human as it used to be. (7.5.17 )

Teaching Startup: One Bad Early Hire Can Kill a Startup

Cultural battles are killers, and you can't fight those battles with sticks and carrots, you have to fight them with cannons. (6.19.17 )

Teaching Startup: The Summer of Startup 2017

Every summer I write a piece encouraging anyone and everyone to get started on a summer startup project. (6.5.17 )

Showing 16 to 30 of 121 articles