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How To Sell Your Company to Potential Employees In 30 Seconds

If you want the best people to come and work for you, you have to sell your company to them. In this post, I'm going to break down my elevator pitch to potential employees. (5.23.18 )

Saturday Morning Quarterback: The Summer of Do It Yourself

Here's a helpful little program I created for my kids to enforce self-reliance and self-confidence. Not long after, I realized I should probably follow the program myself, and it has helped me as much or more than it helped them. (5.19.18 )

Can Anyone Learn To Be an Entrepreneur?

I firmly believe that almost anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur, but I'm also convinced that you can't learn to be an entrepreneur in a classroom. (5.15.18 )

You're not here to finish 2nd

Your game will improve dramatically the moment you decide you need to win. I know this sounds like random, useless success-speak, but there's a truth here that too many people figure out too late. (5.12.18 )

Startup is for everyone, so why doesn't everyone try it?

I've always preached that anyone can and should do startup at some point in their career. A conversation with a complete stranger totally changed my mind about why most people don't jump into entrepreneurship. (5.8.18 )

How Entrepreneurs Make Great Decisions (and how they live with colossally bad ones)

One of the most difficult skills for an entrepreneur to master is solid decision making. But decision making is the Executive part of Chief Executive Officer, and you've got to have it. (5.2.18 )

How Much Should I Get Paid to Work At a Startup?

One of the toughest questions I get about startup happens to also be one that I get the most often: How much of a pay cut should I expect to go to work for a startup? (3.27.18 )

How To Find a Mentor For Your Startup

Every entrepreneur should have at least one mentor, if not several. But how do you find the mentor that's right for you, with all the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to get you where you need to be? (3.20.18 )

Three blind spots every growth stage tech entrepreneur misses

You've dragged your startup from idea to reality. You've raised a couple funding rounds, maybe some VC money. It's time to constantly be thinking about how it could all fall apart. (3.15.18 )

How To Start a Company With No Outside Investment

As a career entrepreneur, I wear the customer-first badge. Proudly. I strongly believe raising money through customer sales is the best option. (3.13.18 )

What exactly is a blockchain startup and should you start one?

The hype around blockchain is at a fever pitch, so is this the time to start seriously thinking about a blockchain venture? (3.8.18 )

Why it's still so hard to find an amazing tech job in 2018

I jumped back into the job market last year thinking I'd have my choice of crazy-great opportunities. Holy crap was I wrong. (2.28.18 )

I'm gonna cure your Bitcoin FOMO

Let's talk about the very small chance that you would have, could have, or should have been a Bitcoin millionaire. (2.20.18 )

Four ways to invest in blockchain ranked from riskiest to safest

Bitcoin was an amazing investment, provided you got in early and got out at the peak. Most people believe that blockchain, cryptocurrency's underlying technology, still holds that kind of promise. (2.9.18 )

What I learned giving away 1,569 copies of my startup book

Last week, I had an eff-it moment, and decided to celebrate the release of my book, Everything You Should Know About Startup, by giving away free copies on Smashwords while the book sold for $4.99 on Amazon. (2.3.18 )

Showing 16 to 30 of 137 articles