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Betrayal, Rage, Ambition, and Startup

I woke up wicked angry this morning. Like, can't get back to sleep angry. I don't know why. Well, I do know why, but I don't know why I'm hanging onto it. (9.26.18 )

What I Learned Each Time My Startups Failed

In a 20-year career as an entrepreneur, I've been lucky enough to have a few wins, including two big exits within 12 months. But I've also had my share of startup failures, and I learned more with those than I did with the successes. (9.19.18 )

How Entrepreneurs Learn to Build (and Rebuild) Their Company Roadmap

After building a dozen startups, I can tell you that the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is that it's too easy to get caught up in what should be rather than what will be. (9.11.18 )

What I Learned Each Time My Startups Got Acquired

I've founded, co-founded, or been early at 12 startups in my career. Of those, eight were exits (six via acquisition), two stagnated, one was a dumpster fire, and one is still in play. (9.5.18 )

How To Get Fired

What do you do when your job sucks? I'll tell you what you don't do. You don't quit. That's a rookie mistake. Instead, you get yourself fired. (8.21.18 )

Why I Suck At Investing In Startups

The first time I ever put my own money into a startup that I did not found, I felt like I was onto something amazing. It turned into a disaster so quickly and quietly that I've never felt comfortable investing since. (8.7.18 )

What I tell people who ask if they should work for a startup

The primary factor, maybe the only factor, when deciding between a corporate job and a startup job comes down to personal outlook. Do you want a job or do you want an adventure? (7.31.18 )

Understanding How To Implement an AI Strategy

There's a growing gulf between those who understand artificial intelligence and those who don't. I think I've found a way to bridge the gap, and I hope to start doing that in this post. (7.25.18 )

How To Get Your Startup Acquired

It's time for entrepreneurs, especially those located anywhere that isn't Silicon Valley, to start seriously looking at acquisition as a legitimate exit. (7.17.18 )

The Problem With Artificial Intelligence Isn't the Science, It's the Application

Artificial Intelligence gets a bad rap, and as someone who has spent the last decade applying AI, I totally understand why. (7.10.18 )

What I Did When My Startup Was Stuck in Neutral

The worst kind of startup isn't the one that fails, it's the one that stagnates. In startup and small business, if you're not growing, you're dying. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but probably when you least expect it. (6.26.18 )

Five Self-Taught Skills That Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

We suck at teaching entrepreneurism, and that's mostly because the things entrepreneurs need to learn the most can't be taught in a classroom. (6.19.18 )

A Startup CEO Has One Job…

Look, everyone wants to be CEO. But very few entrepreneurs understand exactly what that job entails. (6.12.18 )

What I Learned From Selling Two Startups In 12 Months

Entrepreneurs succeed by figuring out what they're doing wrong and making the right adjustments. But a lot of entrepreneurs don't realize they can learn just as much from their successes as from their failures. (6.5.18 )

Saturday Morning Quarterback: There's a Lesson In Every Failure, Even When There's Not

Despite conventional wisdom, most startup failures happen not with a big, fiery explosion, but with the kind of splash a golf ball makes when it lands in a water hazard. (6.3.18 )

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