I'm a serial entrepreneur, currently the Chief Product Officer at Automated Insights. We raised $11.5 million in VC before being acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2015.
I founded ExitEvent, a network, resource, monthly event, and news outlet with a membership of thousands of entrepreneurs. Acquired by Capitol Broadcasting in 2013.
I recently founded Teaching Startup, an educational network that delivers entrepreneurial mentoring at scale to people of all ages and backgrounds.
I founded Intrepid Media and I built the site. It was home to over 1500 writers. We produced two New York Times best-selling authors and partnered with Lulu in 2007 to sell books.
I started American Titans, a loud, tight, intelligent, three-piece rock band. I sing and play guitar. This is more fun than anything else, but we're also quite serious.
I write books. It's All Nonsense is an Amazon #1 Bestseller for Startups and in January 2016 I wrote the follow-up, The Independent Life. I've got a couple others in the works.
I write for or have written for The News & Observer, WRAL Tech Wire, O'Reilly, Startup America, GamaSutra, The Chicago Tribune, TechJournal, Smug, and other pubs.