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Why I Suck At Investing In Startups

The first time I ever put my own money into a startup that I did not found, I felt like I was onto something amazing. It turned into a disaster so quickly and quietly that I've never felt comfortable investing since. (8.7.18 )

What I tell people who ask if they should work for a startup

The primary factor, maybe the only factor, when deciding between a corporate job and a startup job comes down to personal outlook. Do you want a job or do you want an adventure? (7.31.18 )

Understanding How To Implement an AI Strategy

There's a growing gulf between those who understand artificial intelligence and those who don't. I think I've found a way to bridge the gap, and I hope to start doing that in this post. (7.25.18 )

How To Get Your Startup Acquired

It's time for entrepreneurs, especially those located anywhere that isn't Silicon Valley, to start seriously looking at acquisition as a legitimate exit. (7.17.18 )

The Problem With Artificial Intelligence Isn't the Science, It's the Application

Artificial Intelligence gets a bad rap, and as someone who has spent the last decade applying AI, I totally understand why. (7.10.18 )


Who am I? Who the eff are you?

I'm a career entrepreneur. 11 startups. Building Spiffy. Sold Automated Insights to Vista Equity Partners. Sold ExitEvent to Capitol Broadcasting. If you're curious, it's all in my LinkedIn.
I wrote a book on how to do startup (see below). I've written for national publications. I've spoken at SXSW a few times, NABShow, Columbia University, the United Nations, and other places. I blog at Medium.

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