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I believe in entrepreneurism. I'm at Spiffy. I built and sold Automated Insights, ExitEvent, Intrepid Media, and a few more. If you're curious, it's all in my LinkedIn.
I made a bunch of videos in a series called Teaching Startup, where I and a few other entrepreneuers discuss the cross-section of startup, sports, parenting, and pop-culture.
I'm the frontman for American Titans, a loud, tight, intelligent, three-piece rock band. This is real. We play shows and record songs and generally try to keep the dream alive.
I've written for Hackernoon, Chicago Tribune, Smug, O'Reilly, GamaSutra, and other pubs. I've spoken at SXSW a few times, also NABShow, Columbia University, the United Nations, and other places and events.

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How Much Should I Get Paid to Work At a Startup?

One of the toughest questions I get about startup happens to also be one that I get the most often: How much of a pay cut should I expect to go to work for a startup? (3.27.18 )

How To Find a Mentor For Your Startup

Every entrepreneur should have at least one mentor, if not several. But how do you find the mentor that's right for you, with all the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to get you where you need to be? (3.20.18 )

Three blind spots every growth stage tech entrepreneur misses

You've dragged your startup from idea to reality. You've raised a couple funding rounds, maybe some VC money. It's time to constantly be thinking about how it could all fall apart. (3.15.18 )

How To Start a Company With No Outside Investment

As a career entrepreneur, I wear the customer-first badge. Proudly. I strongly believe raising money through customer sales is the best option. (3.13.18 )

What exactly is a blockchain startup and should you start one?

The hype around blockchain is at a fever pitch, so is this the time to start seriously thinking about a blockchain venture? (3.8.18 )

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Everything You Should Know About Startup

I'm going to answer all the stupid (and not-so-stupid) questions about startup so you don't have to ask them.

Introducing the first end-to-end guide to startup for new and existing entrepreneurs. Everything You Should Know About Startup covers 121 foundational concepts of entrepreneurship in 25 connected chapters. It's a quick read, meant to be read through once, then referred to over and over again at every stage of startup.