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I'm a career entrepreneur. 11 startups. Building Spiffy. Sold Automated Insights to Vista Equity Partners. Sold ExitEvent to Capitol Broadcasting. If you're curious, it's all in my LinkedIn.
I wrote a book on how to do startup (see below). I've written for national publications. I've spoken at SXSW a few times, NABShow, Columbia University, the United Nations, and other places. I blog at Medium.

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I'm answering all the stupid (and not-so-stupid) questions about startup in no-BS guide aimed at both new and existing entrepreneurs. Everything You Should Know About Startup covers what kind of business you should start, what roles you'll need, the stages of building your company, how you get funded, and how to stay motivated.

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A Startup CEO Has One Job…

Look, everyone wants to be CEO. But very few entrepreneurs understand exactly what that job entails. (6.12.18 )

What I Learned From Selling Two Startups In 12 Months

Entrepreneurs succeed by figuring out what they're doing wrong and making the right adjustments. But a lot of entrepreneurs don't realize they can learn just as much from their successes as from their failures. (6.5.18 )

Saturday Morning Quarterback: There's a Lesson In Every Failure, Even When There's Not

Despite conventional wisdom, most startup failures happen not with a big, fiery explosion, but with the kind of splash a golf ball makes when it lands in a water hazard. (6.3.18 )

How To Sell Your Company to Potential Employees In 30 Seconds

If you want the best people to come and work for you, you have to sell your company to them. In this post, I'm going to break down my elevator pitch to potential employees. (5.23.18 )

Saturday Morning Quarterback: The Summer of Do It Yourself

Here's a helpful little program I created for my kids to enforce self-reliance and self-confidence. Not long after, I realized I should probably follow the program myself, and it has helped me as much or more than it helped them. (5.19.18 )